Saturday, August 27, 2011

OCB: Obsessive Compulsive Beering

The thing about having beer as a hobby is that it's fleeting... the beer, that is, is quickly (sometimes very quickly) gone. Stamp collectors have books of stamps, scrapbookers have scrap books, music people swim in shelves of vinyl, and if you like to travel chances are you have lots and lots of photographs. But with beer, you drink it, it's gone. All that's left are the memories, and sometimes not even those.

I don't know if this is true of all hobbyists or just the obsessive ones, but the Mrs. and I, spurred on by each others' insane encouragement are determined to safe some physical manifestation of our beer love (for posterity I guess: "Dear Kids, this will explain a lot of things.") Which means bottle caps and unusual looking bottles. Have we purchased a beer just for the bottle? Of course, heck we've purchased beer just for the cap. Not to mention pint glasses from breweries we visit (and then they break and we have to go back) and coasters and posters with beer themed whatevers on them.

And should you think that all sounds perfectly normal, know we've recently had a discussion about starting a growler collection.

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